Dear Editor

Well it’s that time of the year again. Silage cutting and all that goes with it. I am a stay-at-home farmer’s wife and have been feeding silage men for over 25 years. I recently did a mini-survey of people in similar positions in my area. Out of 12 women of mixed ages, about 32 to over 70, there was a unanimous vote against.

So wake up contractors and let these men bring food with them (as all tradesmen and other workers do) or you feed them yourself. After all, there is no discount for us farmers when it comes to paying the bill. I’m hoping it will be possible for you at Irish Country Living to do an all-Ireland survey?

Living in hope.

Tipperary reader

(name with editor)

We would appreciate if you could participate in a survey on feeding silage contractors at www.ifj.ie/feedingcontractors. Alternatively, please e-mail the editor Amii with the answer to these two questions and any comments you may have: amckeever@farmersjournal.ie. We would also like to hear from contractors on this matter.

1. Do you feed farm contractors? Y / N

2. Is there any incentive to feed contractors Y/N

3. Any comments

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