There are currently over 11,500 registered charities in the State, ranging from very local volunteer-only charities to international organisations. A study by the Charities Regulator found that for 80% of respondents, trust and confidence are key to deciding to donate. It was therefore unsurprising that the survey showed strong support for greater enforcement, tighter controls on charities and more checks on charities’ activities.

While 89% of adults donated to a charity during the past year, the nature of those donations has changed quite significantly over the past two years. The number of people who made financial contributions declined from 74% to 59%, while the number donating goods increased from 43% to 57%. The types of charities most strongly supported during the past 12 months include medical (44%), homeless or refuge services (43%), local community organisations (41%), children or youth services (29%) and animal welfare (29%).

“The results of this survey underscore the huge generosity of the Irish public,” said Helen Martin, Chief Executive of the Charities Regulator.

“But also shows the vital role that trust and transparency play. The general public wants to know how their donations are used, and to see evidence of what has been achieved.”