My Dad is a dairy farmer. He’s working hard all day on the farm. In the springtime, he’s to feed all the newborn calves. Half of the calves drink off the electric feeder so he doesn’t have as much work.

Sometimes I go and help him out on the farm. I usually go in the morning or the evening.

After each row of milking before my Dad lets the cows out of the milking parlour, I spray them to keep their udders clean.

In the winter it is not as busy on the farm. But it is still very busy.

My favourite time of the year is spring because all the baby animals are born. Sometimes the cows have trouble calving so my dad has to help the cow.

I really like it in the summer because I get to go baling and mowing in the field. In the winter and autumn, the cows are in the shed because it is too cold outside.

In the summer and spring, I help my dad move the calves.

I have two sisters and a brother who also help out. I love helping my Dad on the farm. When I grow up, I want to be a farmer.