With the astronomical costs involved in running a modern contracting business, contractors now more than ever need to be on the ball when it comes to documenting work and issuing invoices in a timely manner.


We give an overview of three purpose-built app-based solutions that help contractors instantly log work, without the need for paper.

OneClick Accounts

The app features a pre-populated drop-down menu for all the customers and jobs carried out.
OneClick Accounts is an app-based system set up by west Cork man and a contractor’s son, Peter O’Donovan. The software program carries out work behind the operational screen to help make life easy for contractors during busy periods.

Operators download the ‘OneClickAccounts’ app on their phone and each driver is assigned login details.

The app features a pre-populated drop-down menu for all the customers and jobs carried out. The only data that has to be entered is the number of acres cut or amount of slurry spread, etc. Other customised job descriptions can also be included, which might include selections for baled silage such as extra plastic.

There is a box to add a description or a comment on each job, so the contractor knows the story when the information is sent over. The driver can enter information even if there is no phone coverage, and will sync when the signal returns.

The contractor can login to their profile on the computer and see the customers’ transactions. Generating the invoice is as simple as clicking on the customer and checking all of the work for the period. Once approved, the invoice is generated for email or in PDF format for print.

The only work the contractor has to do is approve the information coming from the driver’s phone. The system allows the contractor to look at the total money collected for each job. This allows them to see in real time the busiest operations and the customers for whom he does the most work.

The package is a yearly subscription, depending on the size of the business ranging from a few hundred euro upwards.

Kingswood Computing

Kingswood Computing specialises in agricultural contracting, livestock and veterinary management software solutions.

Kingswood Computing offers two solutions to suit the different needs of contractors.

Two package options are available to suit contractors.

Billing App

For the contractor who just wants to focus on recording job data and getting their money in, Kingswood offers a mobile solution called the Billing App.

From the cab, the contractor can record job details, enter payments received and check customer balances, as well as apply calculated interest to outstanding balances if they wish. All invoices and statements can be sent via email.

There is also a job scheduler function that allows the contractor to allocate jobs to particular operators in advance.

A key indicator function will give the contractor information such as how much revenue has been generated for the year to date, how much money they have outstanding and a list of jobs completed but not yet billed.

The app can monitor operators’ clock in and clock out times, while a geo locator function can record the time and place, start and finish times of each job. It allows printing out of invoices and statements and all other billing activities.

Full Contractor Accounts

Kingswood offers a more comprehensive Full Contracting Accounts package. This includes sales and purchase ledgers, VAT analysis, job cards and invoicing. All this information feeds into end-of-year accounts reports for both the accountant and the contracting business.

The firm is also provided with profit and loss, enterprise costings and monthly budgeting. In turn, the contractor can work out VAT every two or three months, as well as having complete oversight of costs at the end of the year.

Kingswood also offers a mobile Job Card as part of the package which works in conjunction with the software. This app is used to input job details and check customer balances by phone. The operator enters the job details on the phone app and the information is instantly sent to the Kingswood server.


UK-based company Ag-Drive launched its app based solution in July 2021.
Ag-Drive is a new cloud-based app for agricultural contractors to manage their business more effectively. It allows contractors to manage their business from job planning through to completion, and also has the ability to invoice. The app was developed by English farmer and contractor Will Dunn in response to the difficulties his father faced in keeping track of employees and sending invoices out on time. The app launched in July 2021 in the UK, and is now available in Ireland.

The platform connects seamlessly with accounting software QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero for simplified invoicing and recordkeeping.

Job sheets can be attached to invoices for complete transparency. The app is available on iPhone and Android, while a desktop version is available (mainly used for invoicing and processing time and job sheet information). Ag-Drive offers a free 14-day trial, with users able to continue using from €12 per month, depending on the team size.