Deutz Fahr launched five new TTV (CVT) models between 161hp and a maximum 191hp, joining the existing 6 Series range RC shifts models, launched last year.

The additions include the four-cylinder 6160.4 (161hp) and 6170.4 (171hp), alongside the 6160 (161hp), 6170 (170hp), and 6180 (180hp) six-cylinder models and replace the 6155, 6165, 6175 and 6185 TTV models.

The six-cylinders also gain a further 10hp in the form of power boost.

All five tractors are fitted with the firm’s new ZF Terramatic TTV (CVT) transmission. However, 50km/h is optional on all models aside from the 6180, which comes 50km/h as standard.

The 40km/h models have a payload of 11,500kg, increasing to 12,500kg on 50km/h models, apart from the 6180, which has a maximum payload of 13,500kg.

Rear-lift capacity tops out at 9,700kg and the front-lift is available in two versions, with maximum capacities of 3,800kg and 4,110kg. As standard, a 120l/min load sensing hydraulic system is installed. However, a 160l/min pump is optionally available. Hydraulic oil and transmission oil is now separated with the CleanOil system, eliminating contamination.

Two cab options are available across the five models, the MaxiVision+ with two manual and two electric spools and the MaxiVision Pro, which offers up to five electric spools and an optional 12in iMonitor terminal (updated software) on the MaxCom armrest.

A new ‘return to centre’ forward and reverse shuttle lever has been added, meaning direction changes can now be made from the joystick.

Fuel tank capacity has also increased to 300l on four-cylinder models and 350 on six-cylinder models.