Ration prices look set to fall during the final quarter of the year, starting with a £10/t to £25/t price cut across various beef and dairy rations from 1 October.

This will be the biggest reduction in feed prices since early May and brings several rations to their lowest price level for nearly two years.

Beef finishing rations are likely to see cuts at the upper end of the range, bringing 50% maize blends to around £285/t to £290/t and pelleted feeds around the £300/t mark.

General purpose cattle rations at 15% to 16% protein should also see significant price cuts with soya based rations in the region of £290 to £300/t.

There are rations available with alternative protein products and prices are running as low as £270/t for bulk deliveries, putting cattle rations at similar levels to December 2021.

Dairy rations

Dairy rations are also in line for lower prices, but potential reductions depend on the protein content and ingredients used.

Prices should ease to around £325/t for an 18% protein blend purchased in bulk, rising to £350/t for rations at 20%.

A number of merchants have hinted that further reductions in price are possible in the late autumn. However, any corrections are heavily dependent on a fall in soya prices – as yet, there is little to suggest such a trend will occur in the weeks ahead.

Imported barley is currently priced around £207/t and when factoring in handling costs and margin, rolled barley on farm will cost £235 to £240/t

Maize meal is close to £245/t on farm, while soya remains stubbornly high at £480/t.

Distillers is competitively priced relative to soya at £280/t on farm, as is gluten around £260/t. Feed mills are making greater use of both products to facilitate price cuts for October.

Soya hulls are trading around £240/t with sugar beet pulp costing over £290/t for on farm delivery.

Milk powder

There are also reports that milk powder will see minor reductions for October with potential cuts of £80 to £125/t, depending on the product.

That would see a £2 to £3 price saving on a 20kg bag, putting prices for next month between £42 and £46/bag.

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