The farm: “I keep 700 ewes on 720ac with the help of my father John. I am a carpenter by trade and just celebrated my 31st birthday on Tuesday.”

The land: “Luckily, all of the land is in one block. In 2009, with good premiums for forestry, my father planted 120ac. There are 70ac of good lowland fields beside the house and the remaining 530ac are on the mountain.”

Sheep: “The ewes are a Scottish Blackface-Cheviot cross and we also keep a few Charollais crosses. This year, I bought two Belclare rams to improve the prolificacy of the flock. In future, I’d like to build the farm up to 900 Belclare-Scottish Blackface cross ewes.”

Scanning: “I scanned the ewes for the first time ever this year. The overall scanning rate was 1.6 lambs per ewe and out of 700 ewes only 23 were dry. This was great for a hill flock and will work out at over 1,100 lambs in total with all going well.”

Glynn is getting ready for a busy few weeks, as lambing has begun in earnest on his farm. \ Valerie O'Sullivan

Lambing: “We just started lambing on St Patrick’s Day. We lamb them in two bunches and at the peak of it we will lamb up to 70 ewes per day.”

Sport: “I play hurling and football for Kilgarvan. You’d miss the training, keeping the fitness up and the social aspect to it too. We are big a sporting family, my father ran for Ireland and my brother Buff follows the hurling closely.”

Travel: “In 2011, I left Ireland and spent seven years abroad. I was based in New Zealand for a year and spent the rest of the time in Sydney, Australia. My father, being a lot younger, was able to manage the farm on his own.”

Family: “I met my wife Grace during my travels, in a nightclub on the other side of the world. She’s from a dairy farm in Clonakilty. On returning home in 2018, we got married and now have a son called Darragh.”

Succession: “My father handed me a great farm, having spent many years improving pastures on the mountain. My goal is to keep this trend going and have a great farm to hand over to Darragh.”