The Department of Agriculture is hosting four webinars as part of the Animal Health and Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness week. The webinars will cover important topics for animal and human health, with a number of timely presentations planned each night.

The first webinar takes place on Thursday 18 November and covers antimicrobial resistance in the midst of COVID-19, how agriculture is leading the way in responsible antimicrobial use and sustainable antibiotic usage in pig production.

On Monday 22 November, topics will include emerging zoonotic threats including tick-borne disease, zoonoses in Ireland and zoonotic diseases in family pets.

The third webinar on Tuesday 23 November will discuss bulk milk testing as a herd management tool, benefits of selective dry cow therapy and future parasitic challenges.

The final webinar on Wednesday 24 November includes presentations on Foot And Mouth disease in Northern Ireland in 2001, COVID-19 modelling, the threat of Bluetongue and biosecurity measures and one family’s experience in dealing with antimicrobial resistance.

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