All eligible applications submitted under tranche three of the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3) will receive approval, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has announced.

The tranche closed for applications last Friday 12 April.

“A total of 3,802 applications were received across the 10 available TAMS 3 measures. I am very pleased to confirm that all eligible applications received in this tranche will be approved.”

Closing dates

The Minister also confirmed the closing dates for the remaining tranches of TAMS 3 that will be undertaken in 2024.

“Work is continuing at pace on the approval of tranche one and two applications, and this will be followed by the processing of this latest significant batch of applications received under tranche three.

"I am therefore announcing today that tranche four, which is effectively now open, will close for applications on Friday 6 September and tranche five will close on Friday 6 December 2024.

“This provides clarity for farmers on the plans for the remainder of this year and will ensure that they and their advisers have the required time to complete applications,” he said.

Key modernisation

The Minister said that he believes the measures now available across all 10 schemes in TAMS 3 ensure that funding is targeted where it is needed most.

“It has delivered key modernisation, environmental and safety improvements on thousands of farms, while at the same time supporting local economies during the construction phase of developments,” he said.