My Farming Week: Declan O’Flynn, Strawhall Farm, Fermoy, Co Cork
Barry Murphy
Egg producers Declan and Ann O'Flynn farm 44,000 hens outside Fermoy, Co Cork.
6 September 2023 News
When it comes to hedgerows, height matters
Teagasc has some tips about managing hedgerows and what varieties are best when planting.
6 September 2023 News
Gun clubs hit out at native bird hunting ban
Minister Malcolm Noonan introduced the shooting ban on four native wild bird species this week.
New ban on shooting four wild bird species
Farmers will now no longer be permitted to shoot four additional species of native wild bird.
1 September 2023 News
Taking a vet’s view on farm animal welfare
A book by a well-known vet examines how animals are treated in society, including on livestock farms. Peter McCann reports
23 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Crop losses by rodents each year could feed 200m people
Friday morning's Teagasc Signpost webinar focused on safeguarding wildlife through responsible rodenticide use.
19 August 2023 News
Corncrake numbers exceed 200 for first time in a decade
The number of corncrake breeding territories recorded in 2023 hit 218, up 10% on the previous year.
10 August 2023 News
Swift conservation actions in County Waterford
Embracing an ecological education may bring awareness to the painful realities of today's biodiversity crisis, but it also arms us with the best tool to tackle these challenges, writes Emma Hart.
2 August 2023 Footprint Farmers
Avian influenza found in fox cubs in Northern Ireland
Members of the public are urged to report any findings of dead wild birds to the DAERA website to identify cases of avian influenza.
31 July 2023 News
Farmers to help restore 176,000ha of land to nature in England
The project aims to create habitats for endangered species such as the curlew, black grouse and the Teesdale violet.
22 July 2023 News
PSNI investigating poisoning of White-tailed Eagles
Two eagles found dead in Co Antrim were poisoned with the insecticide bendiocarb and the PSNI is now seeking those responsible.
Mink attacks leave Cork poultry farmer at €15,000 loss
A Cork egg producer has been left without a flock after minks slaughtered them over several nights.
5 July 2023 Poultry