Tirlán doubled its sales and production volume of oat-based products in 2022 and has entered into longer-term contracts with customers, which will give farmers increased security in contracts.

This development has led to increased demand for oats and a doubling of the area planted to gluten-free oats, bringing the total to 5,000ac.

Head of grains at Tirlán John Kealy told the Irish Farmers Journal that this area is almost secure for the coming year.

Oats are the number one ingredient in terms of new product launches when it comes to plant-based alternatives, outstripping soy and almonds, and the market is set to increase by 13% by 2029.


Tirlán is selling its dairy and oat products together across the globe in 160 countries.

The company has a range of oat-based products used as food ingredients in the production of oat and dairy drinks, cereal bars and plant-based dairy alternatives and is working with customers to produce products such as chocolate and biscuits with oats as an ingredient.

Director of ingredients at Tirlán Aoife Murphy stated that the closed-loop supply chain operated from seed to end product is very attractive to customers.

The system ensures a minimum gluten content of less than five parts per million, compared with an industry standard of less than 20 parts per million, making it a secure product for coeliac products for people who cannot eat gluten.

Approximately 7% to 9% of oat products in Europe are now gluten-free, while 10% to 14% of oat products in North America are estimated to be gluten-free.

Poor weather in North America has affected consistency of supply for some companies in recent years, as crop yields were affected.

As a result, Tirlán has secured bigger contracts in North America, as supply is seen as consistent and secure.