BEEP weighing

Make sure to register your scales before weighing is completed as part of the BEEP scheme. It’s a relatively straightforward process and can be completed on You need to log in to your Herdplus account and follow the on-screen instructions. You need three pieces of information; the make or manufacturer of the scales, the serial number of the scales and the year in which they were purchased. If you have already registered scales last year or if you are renting a scales through a co-op, they will already be registered and this will be recorded through the booking system. If you are using a loaned scales, you need to use the original registration number, i.e the registration number moves with the scales. To record weights, enter the date of weighing and fill in the weights with their corresponding tag numbers. Weighing scales are available to rent from participating co-ops and local stores. Calves can be weighed at any age, but to get maximum benefit, weighing should be carried out around 200 days old before creep-feeding starts, to get a good handle on the maternal aspects of the cow. Your weighing report will be available once weights are inputted. Sit down and take a look at what cows are rearing heavy calves and lighter calves and make a few informed decisions about culling and choosing replacements. Don’t forget – if you are planning to wean early spring calves, make sure you are feeding meal four weeks before and two weeks after weaning. If inspected, you will need to have the receipts for the meal purchased at the correct time

Export weanling webinar

On Thursday 29 July our special export weanling webinar will take place on Nicholas Bergin’s farm just outside Roscrea, Co Offaly. The event takes place in association with MSD animal health and Dovea Genetics. Nicholas runs over 100 suckler cows and specialises in producing E- and U-grade weanlings for the specialist breeding and export markets. On the night, we will go through what Nicholas looks for in a cow, how he matches different bulls to different cows, how he manages cows before calving and what he expects to get for his 2020-born weanlings. TJ Duffy will outline some vaccination tips for weanlings ahead of the autumn weaning period and some advice on keeping weanlings healthy this winter. John Lynch will go through the breeding programme on-farm, including what bulls are being used to produce the top quality weanlings. Nicholas has been using AI on his farm for 33 years and we will have some tips on successful use of AI. You can access the live webinar at and can participate on the night by sending in your questions to or by Whatspp to 086 836 6465. The webinar will kick off at 8pm.

Farm Safety

Just because farm safety week ended last week doesn’t mean it should go to the bottom of the list again. Children at home from school continue to be a massive risk around farmyards. Make sure tanks are closed after slurry and any gates not hanging are left lying down rather than standing up. Keep children away from freshly stored hay or straw in haysheds, as it can be unstable for a few weeks. with the chances of bales falling high.