British authorities are contacting farmers within a 10km radius of the recent confirmed bluetongue case to expand their veterinary testing of animals in the area.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is contacting farmers within the 10km temporary control zone near Canterbury in Kent to discuss surveillance requirements.

The surveillance will likely require a vet to inspect some or all of each farm's bluetongue-susceptible animals. This includes cattle, sheep and camelids, such as alpacas.


Farmers in the 10km zone are being asked to have their animal movement records and medicine use records available for inspection.

Dr Joseph Henry, in a statement issued by the APHA on Friday, said surveillance within the 3km immediate zone surrounding the farm is expected to be finished by Sunday, with plans for further surveillance to then commence in the wider 10km zone.

Dr Henry urged all farmers to be aware of the signs of bluetongue when buying or moving animals in and to take action and report any suspicious clinical signs and prioritise biosecurity.

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