The downward trend in fertiliser prices appears to have stalled, with price quotes issued this week similar to those back in late March.

With little movement on price during mid-April, quotes on CAN are generally around £470/t to £480/t, although there is scope for discounts on full lorry loads and payment on delivery.

Urea is trading from £525 to £530/t and reports from merchants indicate the product has generally been favoured by farmers over CAN this spring.

At the outlined prices, urea is cheaper per unit of nitrogen applied at 57p compared to CAN at 87p/unit.


There is a big range in price quotes for grassland compounds and farmers are advised to price around. Products such as 25-5-5 and 27-4-4 plus sulphur are priced around £560 to £580/t.

Other products such as 24-5-5 plus sulphur cost in the region of £550 to £555/t, with 23-0-10 and similar zero-phosphate products trading around £490/t.

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