Sales have held up better than expected during last week’s heatwave, with reports that stocks are moving steadily.

Sales in the food service sector remain positive. Drought was a huge concern for growers last week, so recent rainfall was welcome, but it did not reach all areas.

Some regions in the southwest have yet to receive any significant rainfall, which will most likely impact main-crop Rooster yields.

UK growth rates

In the UK, growth rates have slowed, even on irrigated crops, and some “very average” yields of main-crop are forecast. Irrigation restrictions are in place. Many of the crops have already reached a stage of no return where rainfall could do more harm than good.

The drought in northern Europe continues, although there are low pressure systems lurking which may bring some rain next week and much cooler weather.

Test digs on processing varieties show yields are around average, but there is very little growth taking place and senescence is advanced. The main growth period for the processing crop is during August.