Adverts on Translink buses that promote veganism by demonising livestock farming have received an angry response from local farmers.

Photos of the adverts by campaign group Go Vegan World have been shared widely on social media platforms and messaging services in recent days.

Similar adverts were published on buses in January 2020, although they were later taken down after the Ulster Farmers’ Union wrote to Translink asking for them to be removed.

Mid Ulster MLA Keith Buchanan has pressed Translink on the matter and received a response that states advertising content on buses is managed by “an external media specialist”.

“Our media specialist has confirmed that all adverts displayed meet required advertising standards authority requirements. The content of such ads will not necessarily have any relevancy to Translink, nor should they be seen as Translink taking a stance on the issue,” the statement reads.

Go Vegan World is a limited company registered in the Republic of Ireland. Similar adverts have also appeared on public transport there and in Britain.

The company is registered at an address in Slane, Co Meath, and has two directors, namely Sandra Higgins and Clara Mozes. Both Higgins and Mozes are also directors of the Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary based in Co Meath.

Financial accounts for Go Vegan World are not publicly available due to an exemption for small companies. However, the latest financial statement for Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary shows the company has total assets worth €2.6m.