John McDonnell, Alan Mooney and Trevor Harris are the winners of the Waterford Whisky Grower of the Year Award.

The award was given to a group of growers this season who grow biodynamic barley at the Growers’ Gathering at the distillery on Friday night.

Biodynamic growers focus on soil using cover crops, companion crops and different preparations which are applied to the crop.

Waterford Whisky stated that the biodynamic product is perceived very well by consumers and looks forward to a long partnership on the project with the growers.

Along with the perpetual trophy, the growers will receive a blood tub of their own whisky to enjoy.

Waterford Whisky focuses on producing single-farm-origin whisky. The grain from each farm is all stored separately in different storage bays in the Cathedral of Barley in Dalton’s Chancellors Mills.

On the night the distillery thanked all of the supply chain from Minch Malt to Dalton’s and many more, but most importantly the farmers.

“We will buy Irish barley and you keep continuing to produce the best barley there is,” stated Neil Conway.

Head distiller Ned Gahan treated attendees at the Growers Gathering to a whisky tasting and described it as the most profound whisky in the world.