A raft of training schemes for farmers and advisers is planned for the next CAP.

These will include mandatory training for farmers who join the new agri-environmental scheme.

This course will teach farmers about the Green Architecture of the CAP, the environmental and climate challenges to be addressed, health and safety and the scheme’s objectives.

A second, voluntary, course will update farmers on issues in the scheme and compliance with scheme specifications.

Farmers who join the dairy beef welfare measure, will have an two-hour training course on scheme technologies, as well as a half day livestock handling course in year one.

Farm advisers are also to be trained on climate change, sustainable energy, air, soil and water quality, biodiversity conservation, and the adoption of new technologies and best practice.

The Department will call for proposals for European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) operational groups, aimed at projects which can address competitiveness and biodiversity challenges.

There will be calls for proposals that focus on the uptake of digital tools and technologies on farms, such as the rearing of pigs with intact tails.