Meat factories must follow through on their commitment to supply liveweight information to farmers, Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Aossication (ICSA) beef chair Edmund Graham has said.

Under the terms of the Irish Beef Agreement, Meat Industry Ireland committed to provide a lairage weighing service, where it is requested by farmers, at a nominal charge.

Graham said: “The Beef Taskforce needs to ensure that any measures agreed to at the Taskforce are carried out and carried out in a timely manner.

“We are at risk of farmers losing all confidence in the process if the processors can get away with procrastinating at every step along the way.”

Deliver on pledge

When these scales are to be introduced will be up to each factory and based on their operational and logistical considerations.

The weighing service will allow farmers to see the kill-out percentage on cattle.

Graham continued: “The Department has highlighted the importance of weighing cattle with schemes such as BDGP, BEEP and a new €5m initiative for weighing dairy calves.

“Now, we just need meat factories to play their part and deliver on their pledge to install these scales.”

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