Female farmers are locked out of the 60% TAMS grant under the Women Farmers Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS) for three main reasons.

Responding to a request from the Irish Farmers Journal, the Department of Agriculture said the three primary reasons an applicant was deemed ineligible were; not being on the company documents, having less than 5ha of eligible land and investments on the application totalling less than €2,000.

It was announced earlier this year that 2022 would be the reference year for WFCIS.

To qualify for the scheme, a woman must have been a sole individual, part of a joint herd number, registered in a farm partnership or director of a farming limited company in 2022, with at least 20% control being given to the woman regarding a partnership or company.

Female farmers who became or will become involved in a farming enterprise after 2022 are ineligible for the 60% TAMS grant unless they hold a relevant agricultural qualification (the equivalent of a Green Cert or higher).

There were 264 applications under WFCIS in Tranche one of TAMS III, which closed at the end of June this year.

They are currently being assessed, with approvals issuing to 21 priority applications.

Approvals will then be issued on a scheme-by-scheme basis, starting with the Solar Capital Investment Scheme, the Department confirmed.

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