Feed prices are holding steady for February despite negative pressure on grain markets.

Native barley is down more than €20/t since early December to between €280/t and €285/t, with imports running around €5/t over native.

Maize is currently trading at €315/t while soya, which has eased slightly in the past two weeks, remains very high at €615/t from the port.

Most feed mills had purchased ahead for quarter one of 2023 and, therefore, it is likely to be into April before farmers see any price reduction.

It leaves bulk prices for a 12% beef finishing ration between €415/t and €435/t, a 16% crude protein ration at €430/t to €440/t, while a dairy 18% nut is trading between €440/t and €460/t.

Lamb finishing nuts are costing €460/t to €470/t, while ewe and lamb rations are around €445/t for 19% and up to €460/t to €475/t for 20% crude protein nuts.

Calf starter ration is trading from €520/t to €540/t or €13/bag to €13.50/bag.