Beef Management: weather conditions, BDGP letters and BEEP weighing
In this week's beef management notes, we take a look at dealing with the latest weather conditions and BEEP and BDGP requirements in 2021.
Dairy Management: fertiliser, selling calves and grazing
Aidan Brennan advises farmers who have no nitrogen spread to date to apply 30 units/acre when conditions allow.
Simple records can deliver big benefits
Although lambing is a busier period than housing, weaning and mating combined apportioning some time to recording even a small volume of data can deliver invaluable data.
Prevention key in fight against watery mouth
A greater spotlight on the routine use of oral antibiotics in newborn lambs is possible in the future to combat antimicrobial resistance which is becoming a growing problem.

Calculating a farm’s nutrient allowances
Assessing nutrient allowances or requirements on a tillage farm means calculations based on every crop and parcel, writes Andy Doyle.
Zero-grazing machines: options for Irish farmers
Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott take a look at which manufacturers currently offer zero-grazing machines on the Irish market.
Calving facilities and Department of Agriculture specifications
Calving facilities and isolation boxes are currently eligible for grant aid under TAMS II but they must be built to Department of Agriculture specification.
Agri Aware launches new farm safety pilot for schools
A dedicated farm safe schools pilot programme aims to kickstart farm safety conversations in classrooms nationwide.

Watch: first calves arrive on Thrive demo farm
This week saw the first 2021-born calves arrive on the Thrive demo farm, with up to 140 set to be reared on farm this spring.
Dairylink: getting ready for grazing in Antrim
Walking the grazing block has allowed James King to assess grass covers and to identify opportunities for turnout this spring.
Dairylink virtual farm walk preview
A virtual farm walk is taking place on the King family farm in Co Antrim. Aidan Cushnahan and Peter McCann report
Biffen's ready for Spring work at Arnage
The Biffens have their farm in good order for calving, lambing and planting this spring.
Sulphur; a critical nutrient for grass and soil health
Sulphur is a critical element in the process of protein formation in plants such as grass, and in improving the quality of both grazed grass and silage or hay.
Volac’s whey-based milk replacers deliver top calf performance
Advances in technology and research have led to whey-based milk replacers becoming the go-to protein source for calf nutrition.
Benefits of JFC Agri Evolution S4 automatic calf feeder
JFC Agri spoke to Waterford dairy farmer Sean Nolan about his dairy enterprise, calving and how the JFC Agri Evolution S4 automatic calf feeder has benefited his calf rearing and feeding operation.
Father and son operation cultivate a better future
Maurice Cogan and his son Robert had been beef and tillage farming for many years but when they started to plan for the future they realised ...